2013 Tractor Games


Judges Decisions are final!

July 19 Friday, 3 PM at the Tractor Pull Area – BE THERE!

1.  Slow Race *

3 tractors line up on the starting line, all three tractors go at the same time, the last one to cross the line is the winner of that heat. Then the heat winners come back, 3 at a time, to compete for overall winner.  No hydrastat, selectomatic transmissions or anything similar allowed.

2.  Balloon Pop (timed event) *

5 balloons dropped in the marked area. Driver must drive over the balloon and pop them with tractor tires.  Driver must stay in marked off area or penalty will be given.  If a balloon goes out of the area, a spotter will throw it back into play.  Quickest time is the winner.

3.  Blind Man Leap *

Straight course: driver is blindfolded at the starting line.  Drive tractor in first gear.  Driver must stop tractor before the finish line. Driver closest to the finish line without going over the line is the winner

4.  Corn Plant (timed event)

5 cans/buckets spaced apart with a cone/post at end.  Driver takes 10 washers, drives down one side and drops 1 washer into each can then goes around cone and drops 1 washer in each can on the way back.  Any missed washer results in a penalty, quickest time wins! Penalties: 5 seconds for each washer missed, 10 seconds if driver drives over a can, 15 seconds if driver drives over cone or not around cone.

5.  Barrel Race (timed event) *

Push barrel with front wheels of tractor (making barrel roll) from start line to finish line, best time wins.

6.  Reverse Race

2-3 tractors at a time race to finish line in reverse, then the heat winners come back (line up 2 at a time) to complete for overall winner.

7.  Draw Bar Tap (timed event)*

A ball is placed on orange cone.  You must back tractor from start line to the cone, touching the cone with draw bar (without knocking ball off the cone) then race back to finish line.

*Trophy Games

2013 Tractor Games in PDF format.

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