Highlights From Past Shows

In 2009, the Owensville Threshers Association’s Annual Steam Engine and Threshing show hosted two new, amazing demonstrations. The first was the Model T Ford Club of Greater St. Louis showing off their “take-apart” Model T. The second was “Strongman” Steve Schmidt who amazed the crowd with his feats of strength! Both returned in 2010 to participate in our show. Please see below for more details.

The Owensville Threshers Association would like to thank the Model T Ford Club of Greater St. Louis for coming to our show! Their demonstration was super. If you missed it at the show, please watch the video below.

We also would like to thank “Strongman” Steve Schmidt for demonstrating his amazing “mind-over-matter” skills. Steve is a world record holder for barbending, teethlifting and pulling. We hope he will join us again next year. Please visit his website at www.steveschmidtmo.com.

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