The Owensville Threshers would like to extend a special thanks to those that have donated machinery to the Association.

39 Dodge Motor & Woodsaw – Floyd Schlottog & Frank Scego
6 h.p. Economy Gas Engine – Harry Garver
Grist Mill – Owensville MFA
Deering Binder – Jerry Furlow
Paint on Huber Tractor – Herbert & Merle Berger
Left Hand Plow – Clifford Pohlmann
Wagon for Buffalo Engine – John Bazel
Indiana Tractor – Ben Ritter
Fordson Tractor – Duke Zulauf
Stationary Hay Baler – Alton Hibler
Buffalo Motor – Wendall Curtman
Case Tractor – Willard Hesemann
A.C. #40 Combine – William Blackwell
Tongueless Cultivator – Paul Heidbrink
Corn Shredder – Doug Farris
Fordson Tractor – Roman Stegeman
Cash Donation – Judy, John & Jerry Roethemeyer
John Deere Drill – Charles Kuhne
Fairbank Morse Hammermill – Marty Pointer
Cash Contribution – Elmer Dierking Family
One Horse Corn Planter – Jack Thomas
Shuttle Trailer – Larry Kopp
7-Horse Economy Engine – Harry Garver
1-Horse Wheat Drill – Nolan Nocker
Corn Stalk Cutter – Jerome Brautigam
Endless Belt for Threshing Machine – Emmett Drewel
Cash Donation – Harold Ahren
Saw – Ray Miller
Wagon Piet – Schlottach
Feed Mill & Belt – David Skornia
Haxel Cutter – Armin Hesemann
John Deere, No. 4-B Cylinder Sheller – Duane E. Caldwell
Extension Ladder & Wrench for Saw Mill – Duane E. Caldwell
1948 D John Deere, #174100 – John Bazel
Cash Donation – Floud Schlottog
McCormick Deering Grinder – Dave Micke
Subsoiler – Marvin Kahle
Corn Binder – Floyd Schlottog
Water Pump, Corn Shredder, Wall Drill – Stu Stroupe
Office Trailer – Jim & Sandy Moll
Combine – Hollander Farms
W-30 – Dr. & Mrs. Buchmann
Tractor Pull Sled – John & Charlotte Williams
Mini Steam Engine – Dan Scego
Tractor Pull Sled – John & Charlotte Williams
Hand Corn Sheller – Arlie & Mollie Schemmer

Most of the equipment listed above can be seen at our show. Some are in various stages of restoration and sadly, others have deteriorated to the point that they were discarded.

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